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About Us

The Kuijer family emigrated from Holland to Canada over 60 years ago, almost penniless.  Hard work and diligence enabled Dad Kuijer to buy his dream farm in Niagara not many years later.  Rudy and his High School sweetheart, Brenda were fortunate enough to build and start to raise their family right here on the property over 40 years ago.   Dad Kuijer passed his love for the soil on to Rudy, who has continued the gardening tradition on the smaller lot that is “A Li’l Bit of Eden” today.  The raspberries, blueberries and red currants that you enjoy during your stay are Dad’s legacy, planted for his grandchildren.

Brenda also grew up on a small farm in Niagara.  In her Russian Mennonite tradition, she learned to put away preserves and bake early in life, taking home baked “Zwieback” (buns) and fresh “Fruit Platz” at Sunday “Faspa” for granted.

Grandparents themselves now, (young grandparents I might add!) and no longer commuting to work, they are eager to share their hospitality and love of the Niagara Area with you.